A cost effective solution for all your data-related needs
SQLwallet is a simple and powerful tool
enabling BI analysts, developers, and IT specialists
to create and share reports, alerts, APIs, and dashboards
in no time. 
  • Super-easy implementation
  • Seamless integration into your product
  • Full audit logs
  • Data editing capabilities
  • Active Directory authentication
  • All major databases supported

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Create ad-hoc reports in no time

Creating a new report is as simple as copying and pasting your SQL query. 

Advanced access management

Manage permissions, share with users and teams. Keep full audit track.

Export and schedule

Export data into Excel or CSV. Schedule your reports to be sent by email or uploaded.

Create administration and data editing apps

Make columns editable to create simple administration apps in no time. 

Reports and APIs for clients and partners

Easily provide external reporting to your customers and partners.

Embed reports in another applications

Embed reports into your applications or turn SQLwallet into a central access portal.